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This project is supported by the work of an esteemed leadership team:


Colleen Megowan Romanowicz, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Sacramento, CA, USA

Dr. Colleen Megowan Romanowicz is a physics education researcher and Senior Fellow and prior Executive Officer of the American Modeling Teachers Association. She serves as educational researcher on a number of project associated with computational and mathematical thinking.


Mina Johnson-Glenberg, Ph.D.

Co-Principal Investigator

Tempe, AZ, USA

Dr. Mina Johnson is a cognitive psychologist and director of the embodied games lab in the Psychology Department at Arizona State University. She is also the CEO of Embodied Games, a company that produces research- and gesture-based digital learning through play. Formerly, she started two other small businesses, including SMALLLab and NeuronFarm.


Daniel O'Brien

Co-Principal Investigator

Washington, DC, USA

Dan is a physicist and PhD candidate at Georgetown University. He studies a range of topics from physics education to soft materials properties to medical device fabrication techniques.


Chrystian Vieyra

Co-Principal Investigator

Washington, DC, USA

Chrystian Vieyra is a software engineer, co-founder, and developer of Vieyra Software


Rebecca Vieyra

Co-Principal Investigator

Washington, DC, USA

Rebecca Vieyra is co-founder of Vieyra Software, and was previously an award-winning high school physics teacher. She is a PhD candidate in Science Education at the University of Maryland and Associate Director of Global Initiatives for the PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Therese Vieyra_edited.jpg

Therese Vieyra

Beta Tester

Washington, DC, USA

Therese Vieyra is a middle school student and mobile sensor tester. She regularly accompanies the team to provide support during professional development and outreach events.

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